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ONE LOVE (Signature) Three Island Golden 50% ABV

Our Signature blend of aged Caribbean rum from Jamaica, Trinidad & Barbados.

One Love is a harmonious reggae influenced blend of tropically aged rum from the islands of Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. A mellow four year old from Jamaica, a lively two year old from Trinidad and a laid-back five year old from Barbados complete this blend full of style, warmth and glow that showcases the individualism and characteristics of these islands.


All the Jamaican rum used in our blend is distilled from sugar cane molasses by the traditional Jamaican pot-still method in 100% copper pot-still vessels. The full flavour rum produced by this method is then aged in oak bourbon barrels. The mellow four year old used adds vanilla and a treacle like sweetness to the blend and exudes the style of Jamaica and its people.


All the Trinidadian rum in our blend is distilled using the column still method by one of the largest rum producers in the Caribbean and aged in oak barrels. The lively two year old used in our blend brings liveliness and warmth akin to the carnival atmosphere of Trinidad’s famous Fête.


The Barbadian rum used is from an environmentally friendly distillery producing rums blended from pot and column stills. The laid-back five year old used gives a wonderful finishing glow full of oak tannins and spice, easy going and unhurried just like the island itself.

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ONE LOVE (Supreme) Five Island Spiced 43% ABV

A Supreme blend of aged Caribbean rum from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba & Hispaniola (Dominican Republic)

Made with 100% Caribbean rum from the islands of Hispaniola (The Dominican Rep) Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba and Barbados; the rums are barrel aged up to three years. Whilst each brings their own uniqueness and characteristics they all blend perfectly. Select tropical spices are added to produce a spirit drink of supreme quality, heady aroma and deliciousness making the best spiced rum you will ever taste!

ONE LOVE (Tropical) Coconut & Pineapple 37.5% ABV

A Tropical Caribbean rum based spirit drink from Guyana.

This spirit drink made with 100% Caribbean rum is bursting with exotic & tropical flavours and aromas. Rum from Guyana is infused with mouthwatering coconut & delicious pineapple to bring a refreshing and thirst quenching rum-based spirit drink full of zest, magic and sparkle, a true celebration of the style, vitality, uniqueness and essence of the region.