Rum Information

We source our rums from six of the best rum producing countries throughout the Caribbean these are Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Guyana.



All the Jamaican rums used in our blends are distilled from sugar cane molasses by the traditional Jamaican pot-still method in 100% copper pot-still vessels. The full flavour rums produced by this method are then aged in oak bourbon barrels. A mellow four year old in our signature blend adds vanilla and treacle like sweetness and exudes the style of Jamaica and its people.


The Trinidadian rum in our blends is distilled using the column still method by one of the largest rum producers in the Caribbean and aged in oak barrels. The lively two year old used in our blends bring liveliness and warmth akin to the carnival atmosphere of Trinidad’s famous Fête.


The Barbadian rums used in our blends are from an environmentally friendly distillery producing rums blended from pot and column stills. The laid back five year old used in our signature three island rum gives a wonderful finishing glow full of oak tannins and spice, easy going and unhurried just like the island itself.


The rum used is produced from Cuban sugarcane molasses in column stills and aged for three years in American oak casks it has a light and crisp flavour profile typical of Cuban rum and just like the country conjures up a vision of 1950’s Cadillacs and Salsa dancing.


The Dominican Rep rum used in our five island spiced is distilled from cane juice using column still method and aged in oak casks producing a flavour profile of spice, vanilla and tropical fruit. For the Caribbean’s second largest nation rum isn’t just a drink it’s a way of life.


The Guyanese rum used is distilled by continuous column still method using molasses from sugarcane grown around the Demerara River. The environmentally friendly distillery has a reputation for producing the finest rums for over 300 years. Rum with deep flavour and character: from a country proud to be apart of the Caribbean.