Rum Runners Co

One Love Caribbean Rum was created to capture the heart, soul and flavour of the Caribbean and it certainly does just that! One Love Rum is bottled at 50% ABV, why water it down…Save water, drink stronger rum! One Love rum is blend of 4YO Jamaican, 2YO Trinidadian and a 5YO Barbadian rum. The nose is exactly what you would expect, a real tribute to the great rum producing countries that make up this blend. First, Jamaica makes an appearance with the pungent and appealing notes of ripe bananas, white pepper and a slight grassy undertone. Then Barbados shows up with notes of tropical fruits, spices, oak, almonds and vanilla. Lastly Trinidad, with the light subtle floral notes all the back berried behind the bold aromas of Jamaican and Barbados. Overall the nose is complex and appealing. The Palate is exactly what we’d hoped for. It’s bold, vibrant yet surprisingly sophisticated and rounded where all rums marry together. One Love Rum is a real surprise and we enjoyed the experience very much! One Love Rum is a bargain at only £35ish.